Please note you get a free digital copy of this game when you buy a boxed edition of Vegetables Deluxe from Psytronik (on cassette) for £7.99 (standard) or £14.99 (Cassette).

Vegetables Deluxe

This game must be played on a real Commodore 64 or an emulator (I recommend VICE)

Coding, music and ingame graphics by Mike Richmond

Title screen and background graphics by Andy Cashmore


Use a joystick in Port 2. While playing, press P to pause and un-pause the game. Press Q from pause mode to quit to the menu screen.

Playing Instructions

On the menu screen, use joystick left and right to select a game mode. Joystick up and down changes between in-game music and sound effects. Press fire to start the game.  

The object of the game is to make lines of three or more matching vegetables. To do so, you can swap the position of any two vegetables on the play screen by holding down fire and pushing in a direction. When there are no valid moves left then the board is shuffled – until you run out of shuffles, then it’s game over!

Match three vegetables and they are removed from the board, with new shapes dropping down to replace them. Occasionally an immovable block will be dropped. These can only be removed by strategically dropping them until a line of three or more immovable blocks is made. Match four shapes in a row to destroy a full row or line and match five to destroy all matching shapes and get an extra shuffle.

Game Modes

There are four game modes, offering a gradually increasing level of challenge.


In casual mode, the emphasis is on a relaxing game, with very few immovable blocks being dropped. It is still possible to run out of moves, so don’t get too complacent!


In classic mode, immovable blocks are periodically dropped, making it gradually harder to make matches. 


The objective of shopping mode is to make the number of matches indicated on the left hand side of the screen. At first you need to match 3 of each shape to beat the level, with the number of matches you need to achieve increasing each time


Countdown mode is the biggest challenge of all. You have a short time to make a match before the timer runs out. If you fail to match before then, you lose a shuffle. In this mode, you do not lose a shuffle when there are no valid matches – only when the countdown timer runs out.


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Thanks for the game. I played the old C64 version, this version and the Amiga version. The game is pretty good on the C64, but what I miss is mouse support like in the Amiga version, which I really like. Is there any chance this will be added in a future update? And it would be good to have a setting to disable the automatic hints and just have them show up at the press of a button or something like that. 

Hi, thanks for playing. The C64 version has joystick control, Amiga has mouse control and Spectrum can use keys - all in line with the way the systems were used back in the day. The automatic hints are displayed on a timer just like in Bejeweled, which the game is based upon. 

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I like the music. controls sleep sometimes, and it's pretty annoying. Also shampinion is not a vegetable (don't want to be a nerd, but the truth is true). 4/5

P. S. the game is creepy a bit. Maybe there is a secret storyline if you get 13 score of every vegetable or smth like that.


Er, thanks? ;) 

Now you got me interested. How to unlock this "dark secret" in the game? :-D