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 Thx for this itch version of Vegetables Amiga!

I tried to launch it on my CD32 with Terrible Fire 330 but game asks me for DF0:, even if I installed it on the CF or if I launched it from the mounted adf. 

Do you have a tips for me? ;-)

Thx again! 

Amigalement vôtre, 


Hi, unfortunately I lost the source code before releasing it so I could not change it from being floppy disc-only. I am told you need to copy the disk contents into a folder then add a three-letter assign to that folder in S:startup-sequence before running it (e.g. "assign VEG: drive/installation folder" ) and hex edit the executable so instead of DF0: it say VEG:. I'd do it myself but I barely understand what I just wrote :D

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Thx for the tips! I'll try and if it works, I'll make you a package! 

I already hexedited some files, so I think I can succeed ;-)

Write you later with the result. 


It's working ! Thx !

I hexedited executable and made a little script to launch it from HD. It works on AmigaOS 3.1 ;)

If your disk floppy is named VEG:, it should also work from floppy.

You can find an lha package of this "HD version" here :

Thanks! Do you mind if I add it to the downloadable files (credited to you, of course)?

Hi Mike,

Yes, you can (and you don't have to credit me for this, it's really not a big thing ;) ).

Amigalement vôtre !

Thanks, I have, and I have thanked you on the download page - if you want a website or project plugging there just let me know!

Thx ! The link to my page is good ;)

Hi I am using FS-UAE on my Windows 10. I Use any mode (500, 1200, 3000) the "Double Side Games" Screen would show then the Game Title Screen indicating "Press Mouse Button" and I did. The game loads and goes back to "Double Side Game" then "Press Mouse Button" Again! and this situation continues. What did I do wrong?

Nevermind. Win-Uae worked!

A beautiful game. The Count Down mode is a swine but loads of fun.

Would it be possible to create a score board you could save? I ask as it would really add something to the game modes if you could do that.

 I’ve given this a plug on the SWAG Facebook group so hopefully you should see a few more sales come you way.

Thanks for supporting the Amiga.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm sorry but there will be no further updates to the game.

i haven’t purchased this yet but I do intend to. I was testing on the Vampire V4. It works very very well as long as you go into DEVS:/DOSDrivers and change the IDF0 to DF0 as The Apollo OS by default has been setup as IDF0. Thank you for making a great game loved it please bare with me as money is extremely tight during this time. 

Thank you for the feedback, unfortunately, the source code was lost in a system crash before I could change it from DF0: Glad you found a way to get it running!

is it possible to upload on to promote it please ?

you are welcome to share a link to this page wherever you wish. 

Could i upload the ADF and add a link to this page ? The goal is just promote your game.

I would rather only have a link to my itch page, please so people have the opportunity to make a voluntary contribution

Awesome game. Great gameplay, Simple, Musical. Colourful. Love it.