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A Match 3 game for the Amiga, written in Blitz Basic. Compatible with all Amigas (or emulators) with at least 512k of RAM.


The objective is to swap adjacent shapes to form lines of three or more in a row.  Three or more adjacent shapes are destroyed and new shapes drop in from the top. Every few moves an immovable block will be dropped onto the playfield. Immovable blocks can only be destroyed by matching them to one another (which is tricky as they can't be swapped!) or by matching more than three shapes in a row. 

Matching four shapes in a row destroys a full row or column - including immovable blocks. Matching in a "T" shape destroys the row and column together!

Matching five in a row destroys all similar shapes on the game board and gives an extra shuffle. 

When there are no valid moves left the playfield is shuffled - and when you have no shuffles left the game is over!

How many matches can you make before running out of moves?

  • Use the mouse to move, click and drag to swap shapes
  • There are several game modes: Casual mode has few immovable blocks; Classic is the original C64 game with immovable blocks gradually being dropped until you can make no more moves; Shopping sees you attempting to match the number of shapes shown on the left of the screen; and in Count Down you must make matches against the clock.
  • Press the right mouse button or on-screen "Hint" button for a hint if you get stuck 


Coding, graphics and sound by Mike Richmond

Title Screen by Andy Cashmore

My thanks go out to:

  • Hi7ch, Shaun Watters and Mr Kola for play testing 

Hard drive installable version by Batteman (https://itch.io/profile/batteman) - you need to assign the logical drive VEG: to the game folder before running the exe on an Amiga

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Vegetables_v2.adf 880 kB
Vegetables-Amiga-Hard-Drive-installable 248 kB


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Very nice game. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 02:35:13. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 馃檪

was this a 2020 game release? I thought it had been released in 2019?

I can't remember. I certainly made it in 2019.

ah many thanks Mike :) 

My favourite Match3 game of all time, and it's Amiga!

Thanks for supporting the Amiga.

Thank you!


 Thx for this itch version of Vegetables Amiga!

I tried to launch it on my CD32 with Terrible Fire 330 but game asks me for DF0:, even if I installed it on the CF or if I launched it from the mounted adf. 

Do you have a tips for me? ;-)

Thx again! 

Amigalement v么tre, 


Hi, unfortunately I lost the source code before releasing it so I could not change it from being floppy disc-only. I am told you need to copy the disk contents into a folder then add a three-letter assign to that folder in S:startup-sequence before running it (e.g. "assign VEG: drive/installation folder" ) and hex edit the executable so instead of DF0: it say VEG:. I'd do it myself but I barely understand what I just wrote :D

(1 edit)

Thx for the tips! I'll try and if it works, I'll make you a package! 

I already hexedited some files, so I think I can succeed ;-)

Write you later with the result. 


It's working ! Thx !

I hexedited executable and made a little script to launch it from HD. It works on AmigaOS 3.1 ;)

If your disk floppy is named VEG:, it should also work from floppy.

You can find an lha package of this "HD version" here : http://batteman.free.fr/amiga/VegetablesHD.lha

Thanks! Do you mind if I add it to the downloadable files (credited to you, of course)?

Hi Mike,

Yes, you can (and you don't have to credit me for this, it's really not a big thing ;) ).

Amigalement v么tre !

Thanks, I have, and I have thanked you on the download page - if you want a website or project plugging there just let me know!

Thx ! The link to my itch.io page is good ;)

Hi I am using FS-UAE on my Windows 10. I Use any mode (500, 1200, 3000) the "Double Side Games" Screen would show then the Game Title Screen indicating "Press Mouse Button" and I did. The game loads and goes back to "Double Side Game" then "Press Mouse Button" Again! and this situation continues. What did I do wrong?

Nevermind. Win-Uae worked!

A beautiful game. The Count Down mode is a swine but loads of fun.

Would it be possible to create a score board you could save? I ask as it would really add something to the game modes if you could do that.

 I鈥檝e given this a plug on the SWAG Facebook group so hopefully you should see a few more sales come you way.

Thanks for supporting the Amiga.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm sorry but there will be no further updates to the game.

i haven鈥檛 purchased this yet but I do intend to. I was testing on the Vampire V4. It works very very well as long as you go into DEVS:/DOSDrivers and change the IDF0 to DF0 as The Apollo OS by default has been setup as IDF0. Thank you for making a great game loved it please bare with me as money is extremely tight during this time. 

Thank you for the feedback, unfortunately, the source code was lost in a system crash before I could change it from DF0: Glad you found a way to get it running!

is it possible to upload on www.amiga-classic.org to promote it please ?

you are welcome to share a link to this page wherever you wish. 

Could i upload the ADF and add a link to this page ? The goal is just promote your game.


I would rather only have a link to my itch page, please so people have the opportunity to make a voluntary contribution

Awesome game. Great gameplay, Simple, Musical. Colourful. Love it.